Building Resilient Teams


To succeed in business today resilience is an essential skill. Resilience is the ability to respond effectively to pressures and bounce back from setbacks and adversity.

Ideal for: Teams & individuals working under pressure; people who want to succeed during times of uncertainty and change and build their ability to identify opportunities within challenges.

At a glance: The Resilience Toolbox is a practical programme providing the skills and tools to manage pressure effectively, reduce stress and build professional and personal resilience.

Benefits to you and your organisation:

  • Knowledge that resilience can be learned and developed to improve performance, productivity and well-being
  • Increased flexibility, problem solving and confidence in the face of challenges and demands
  • Greater support networks and increased communication skills
  • Enhanced awareness of stress and the skills to manage pressure more effectively
  • Practical tools and techniques which build resilient behaviours, attitudes and thinking.

Programme Content

Over the course of this 1.5 day programme you will:

Understand the psychology of stress

  • Discuss perceptions, definitions and causes of stress
  • Understand pressure and its relationship to stress
  • Challenge the common myths that perpetuate stress

Build resilience skills with the complete set of tools from 'The Resilience Toolbox':

  • Thinking Tools to develop resilient thinking
    • Identify and challenge the 10 key thinking distortions that create stress and negativity
    • Practice 10 thinking skills to generate rational, flexible and constructive thinking
    • Learn how to reframe problems into outcomes
  • Physical Tools to increase physical resilience
    • Learn about the physiology of your stress response
    • Recognise the signs & symptoms of stress in yourself and others
    • Practice techniques to help reduce tension and aid relaxation

  • Behavioural Tools to reduce pressure
    • Know how to recognise and manage the 6 primary workplace stressors
    • Recognise unhealthy behaviours which exacerbate stress and identify healthy and resilient behaviours
    • Practice assertive communication skills to manage challenging people and situations
    • Learn how, when and where to ask for help and build effective support networks
    • Lifestyle Tools to establish work/life balance
    • Examine the areas of your life that are out of balance
    • Redress the balance by identifying daily resilience practices

  • Resilience Toolbox Action Plan
    • Evaluate which tools are most useful for you and capture the key learning points
    • Complete a detailed Resilience Action Plan to embed and transfer your learning

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