Resilience Train the Trainer
developing in-house resilience trainers


To succeed in business today resilience is an essential skill. Resilience is the ability to respond effectively to pressures and bounce back from setbacks and adversity. Building a pool of Resilience Trainers will give you an opportunity to improve organisational performance and well-being on a sustainable basis.

Ideal for: Internal trainers, HR managers, HSSE managers, or individuals who meet the competencies required to deliver the 'Resilience Toolbox Programme'.

At a glance: Resilience Train the Trainer is a practical programme providing the skills, tools and confidence to deliver and roll out the 'Resilience Toolbox Programme'.

Benefits to you and your organisation:

  • Ability to deliver effective resilience programmes to support people across your organisation
  • Skills and confidence to deliver structured training sessions with well defined objectives
  • Knowledge of resilience training materials which cater for all learning styles
  • Confidence to manage the training environment, delegates and yourself

Programme Content

Over the course of this 4 day programme you will:

  • Develop an understanding of The Resilience Toolbox Programme
  • Identify the aims, objectives and key learning points of each training module
  • Learn how to use the resilience training manual to support effective delivery
  • Practice delivering the Resilience Toolbox Programme
  • Receive formative and motivational feedback from experienced Resilience Trainers
  • Discuss, plan and prepare your strategy for programme delivery and roll-out , drawing
    on the experience of our Resilience Consultants

Please Note: In order to roll out The Resilience Toolbox, organisations will need to purchase
the rights to this programme.

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