The Power of Positive Attitude


Ideal for: Teams & individuals working under pressure, who want to build motivation and morale.

At a glance: This unique and engaging programme inspires people to take responsibility for creating a motivational working environment. Learn skills and tools to combat negative thinking, transform problems to outcomes and encourage positive responses to adversity.

Benefits to you and your organisation:

  • Practical skills and tools to build the confidence to face challenges and demands
  • Greater team work and a more supportive workplace
  • Improved performance, productivity and resilience
  • Increased team morale and motivation.

Programme Content

Over the course of this ½ day programme you will:

  • Understand and define positive and negative attitudes
  • Explore the impact of attitude on individuals, teams and organisations
  • Identify external negative triggers
  • Catch 'The Critics' – internal negative triggers
  • Neutralise negativity and develop supportive thinking
  • Learn how to reframe problems to outcomes
  • Utilise resourceful language that supports self and others
  • Understand the importance of action, goals, perspective & humour
  • Practice techniques to improve team morale

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