What is resilience?
Resilience is the ability to respond effectively to pressures and bounce back from the challenges and setbacks of modern life.
Have you ever felt frustrated by situations outside your control, clouded by negativity and burn out with too little time and resource?
To succeed in business today resilience is an essential skill. It enables us to thrive, rather than survive. Resilience is our personal strength and our capacity to persist. It fuels our energy, drive and determination to succeed in the face of difficulties we encounter.
Resilience is also the ability to:
  • adapt effectively to changes
  • transform set backs into opportunities
  • respond positively to pressure
  • develop new ideas and insights
  • support yourself and others

Building Resilience

Research has shown that people with resiliency skills have significant advantages in a world of constant change. We all have innate potential to be resilient, which can be developed and strengthened through effective training and development. Resilience levels are not set in stone because resilience is idiosyncratic. Everyone can learn the core skills and tools for building resilience, to enhance their effectiveness.