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What we do

Silver Lining Training provides practical resilience training and consultancy to organisations in the private and public sectors. Our international clients ask us to consult, design and deliver programmes which address the specific needs of diverse groups, from new graduates, to middle and senior management.

Our team of experienced training consultants have the flexibility and resources to support organisations across a variety of industries and locations. Many of our clients work regularly with us, as they value the relationships we maintain and the cost effective services we deliver.

We are committed to building and sustaining resilience by contributing positively to the organisational health and well-being of our clients. Many years of experience and knowledge in this area has made us best placed to assist organisations; and our passion to make a genuine difference sets us apart.

Our Approach

Our interactive and engaging programmes develop the skills, knowledge
and confidence to build resilience and improve performance. We help people
manage pressure effectively, reduce stress and identify opportunities to
create positive outcomes.